A new version of gatitv is available at:

  gatitv is a television program for ATI TV-tuner cards. It's like xatitv
but with a GNOME look and feel and some extra features (themes).

	- Use of GnomeApp for main window;
	- Controls are in a toolbar;
	- Both the toolbar and the menubar can be hidden;
	- Decorations (or themes) support (needs some polishing).

	- GATOS (I'm using 0.0.5)
	- gnome-libs
	- gdk-pixbuf (I'm using 0.8)

  Sorry for the lack of homepage, but I'm in vacations and I don't have
internet access at home. Maybe later, in September, I'll setup a home
page at sourceforge.

Gustavo J.A.M. Carneiro

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