GNOME/GTK+ mailing list changes

As most of you have already noticed, we are in the process of 
making some significant changes to the GNOME and GTK+ mailing

We're moving these lists to a dedicated box (they were previously
hosted along with the rest of the Red Hat mailing lists on
a rather small machine) and also switching from the smartlist
mailing list software to Mailman. 

We hope that these changes will resolve the delays that
have been occuring recently with these lists and provide
improved service.

Web Interface

The major change you'll see with the Mailman software is
that there is now a web interface to the mailing lists,
which can be accessed from:

You can subscribe, unsubscribe, and set subscription options
through this interface.

For each list you have been given an arbitrary password to
prevent others from unsubscribing you without your

If you don't know your password for a list, you can request
that it be mailed to you through this interface. We will
also shortly be mailing out a message to each subscriber
listing which lists you are subscribed to and the passwords
for those lists.


Unfortunately, the change of machine and mailing list server
will most likely cause some filters for mail sorting to break.

Filtering on the Sender: header should be a reliable way way
of detecting mails to a particular mailing list with the new
software. (There are many other possible ways of doing it as

An example procmail recipe is:

* ^Sender:.*gtk-list-admin@


For assistance resolving difficulties you encounter with this 
transition, please send mail to:

Thanks for your patience with these changes. We apologize
for any inconvenience the transition causes.

                                        Owen Taylor

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