Gnumeric 0.52 is out

New version of Gnumeric is out.

* Notes

    This version of Gnumeric requires Gnome Print 0.18 to compile

* New in this version

    GUI improvements

	Tearoff combo boxes work (Jon)

	Editor handles boundaries and spans correctly now (Jody)

	Accelerators work on the History display (Jon)

	Various dialogs reworked to use Glade and various dialogs GUIs
	have been enhanced and retouched (Jon)

	Various feedback changes that make the UI more pleasant (Jody)

    Engine improvements

	Made auto-format work for sheet-relative cellrefs, i.e.,
	"=sum(a1:a10)" now takes a default format from the range (Morten).

	Reworked the update mechanism in Gnumeric to have defered and
	optimized updates (Jody).  


	Made generated postscript files (print to file) contain enough
	information to let ghostview go back and forth in them (Morten).

	Made landscape previews readable (need new GnomePrint).

    Bug fixing

	Jody has been keeping the bug count low.  Pretty much every
	issue has been solved.

	Many memory leak fixes have been fixed by Morten.  

        IMPT, PPMT arguments corrected (Morten)

	RATE, IRR, XIRR can use supplied guesses now (Morten)

	IRR has improved precision now (Morten)

	Various STF bug fixes (Almer)


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