Gnome Print 0.18 is out.

Hello guys,

   A new version of Gnome Print has been released (0.18), this release includes:

	1. Should work fine with C++ (patch from the AbiWord/GNOME team).

	2. All API entry points now have parameter checking (Dom).
	3. Support for naming pages (now we output properly formed
	   Postscript documents that can be navigated with ggv and
	   manipulated with the various Postcript tools) 

	   Morten Welinder did this.

	4. Print preview in landscape mode is now rotated, so you can
	   actually read your text without tilting your head 90 degrees.

    As usual, you can find gnome-print here:

    The upcoming release of Gnumeric depends on this (as we now
generate nice documents that include page numbers and what not).

Let there be love in your Bonobos,

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