ANNOUNCE: libxml-2.0.0 is released

 Libxml is a library offering a XML parser and a set of associated
function needed to easilly build XML based applications. It also 
provides an integrated HTML parser and URI handling tools.

 Available at:
    and on gnome FTP server

 Web page:

 Instructions to upgrade libxml 1.x codebase:

   - improved APIs
     + I/O handlers
     + more suitable for DOM implementations
     + relative include path mess cleaned up
   - improved conformance
     + better I18N support
     + DTD conditional sections support
     + better validity and well-formedness checking
   - Modularity, a number of non-core features can be removed at
   - extra features:
     + RFC 2396 URI handling code has been added
     + FTP and HTTP "nano" implementation
     + function to parse a well-balanced chunk of an XML document

 Since this version is not backward compatible, the module is called
libxml2 and a typical installation may have libxml libxml2 and libxml2-devel
installed together.



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