Gnome Libs 1.0.58 is out


   A new version of gnome-libs has been released.  This version is
just a bug fix release.  

* New on this release

   * Libart

     Fixes crashes on Alpha architectures for the print preview (Raph)

   * Gnome-Config

     Should work without calling any init functions, this has been
     broken for some time.  Thanks to Jacob for finding this problem

     Improved code for handling locale names in gnome-config files

   * Goad/Gnorba

     Object activation should work properly now on Solaris, IRIX, and
     some configurations of BSDs that have a low limit on file
     descriptors (Dan, Miguel).

     This has also been broken for a long time, and it was tricky to
     track down.

* Availability

Best wishes,

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