Announce: Jungle Monkey 0.1.4

Jungle Monkey 0.1.4 ("Grape Ape") is now available.  This release
contains network configuration improvements, GUI improvements, and
many bug and stability fixes.  

The new release is available on the Jungle Monkey channel.  If you
don't have Jungle Monkey yet, you can use one of those old-school
web-browser thingies to download it from

Jungle Monkey (JM) is a distributed file sharing program.  You join
channels where people offer files for download.  You can offer your
own files and create your own channels as well.  Once you download a
file, others can connect to you to get that file.  You can also search
for files.

0.1.4 ("Grape Ape" release)
* New network configuration option for Gnome (still rough)
* New "Create Channel from Directory" option
* Improved support for hosts with dynamic IP addresses or without 
    domain names.  Also --hostname, --interface, and
    --no-hostname for when all else fails.
* Bug fix: Seg fault on searches
* Many small GUI improvements, internal improvements, and bug and
    stability fixes
* Compatible with 0.1.2

Roadmap: So far we have been making releases every week and we will
continue to so for the next few weeks.  If progress continues at the
current rate, there will be a "stable" release (0.6?) in early May.
We are also looking into a Windows port, but it probably wouldn't be
started before summer.  Take a look at the TODO file for more

      __          _    __ 
  ___/ /__ __  __(_)__/ /  David Helder - University of Michigan
 / _  / _ `/ |/ / / _  /

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