Gnome PIM 1.0.55 is out

A new version of the GNOME Personal Information Manager is out (it
includes the GNOME Calendar, and the GNOME addressbook).


	* Portability fixes (Timur)

	* Alarms should work properly.  The bug was non-obvious, and
          it was fixed by Russell.

	  If you had problems with the alarms not working in the past,
	  this is the fix you want (I remember Peter reported the bug,
	  Peter, can you try this version?)

	* Russell also fixed the alarm code as we were activating the
          wrong ones. 

	* Contains alarm debugging code for those experimenting
          problems with them.

	* Unique calendar ids should be properly created (finally!)

	* Include the patch to show todo items with different colors
          depending on their urgency (Rusty, btw Rusty, we need
          ChangeLog entries for this).



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