Eye of Gnome 0.2 is released

Hello, lovers of heavily caffeinated eye candy,

I have just released version 0.2 of the Eye of Gnome.  This is to
become the default GNOME image viewing and cataloging program.

* Availability:


* Changes in this version:

	- IMPORTANT:  This version *REQUIRES* gdk-pixbuf-0.3.  It will
          *NOT* work with earlier versions.  If you send me mail
	  asking why it doesn't work, I will go to your house and slap
	  you with a curried trout.

	- Added "hand" scrolling.  And the hand cursor closes when you
          drag.  What could be cuter?  Please note that performance is
          very poor due to current limitations in the GtkLayout and
          GnomeCanvas engines.  These issues will be resolved shortly.

	- New translations:  Danish (Kenneth), Galician (Jesús),
          Italian (Tristan). Japanese (Takayuki), Korean (Sung-Huyn),
          Spanish (yours truly).

To reiterate, this version absolutely NEEDS gdk-pixbuf-0.3.  Please
make sure you install this package before installing the new Eye of



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