Gnumeric 0.39 has been released.

Hello guys,

    A new version of Gnumeric 0.39, the GNOME spreadsheet has been released.

* Availability:

* New features

	* Major speedup: loading, saving, quitting, filling.

	  Jody Goldberg killed the list access to column information
	  and row information increasing speed up to 1000% for some cases.

	  Loading is faster, quitting is faster, and manipulating the
	  sheet is faster.

	* Save printing information on the workbook (Morten).

	* Formatting engine now supports correctly the "h", "m" and
	  "s" specifiers to specify the padding of the number (me).

	* Formatting engine now supports [h], [m] and [s] variants.
	  These are used to compute elapsed hours, minutes and
	  seconds, so you can add the number of hours you have worked
	  and get a good total (me).

	* Anting for "copy" operations.  Now the selection used during
	  the copy operation is "anted".

	* During column/row resizes, we now show the new dimensions
	  of the column/row (Jody)

* Functions.

	* TREND() function fixed to handle its optional arguments;
	  One dimenssional GROWTH implemented (Jukka)

* User Interface Improvements
	* User interface improvements to the dialog boxes from Jon K

	* Dialog boxes should all "accept" when OK is pressed, cancel
	  when ESC is pressed correctly and all should have an initial
	  focus set (Jon, Jody, me).

	* Various dialogs recoded to use glade rather than gtkcauldron

* General fixes:

	* Computation fix: There was a bug introduced back when we
	  improved the speed for the dependency hash tables.  This is
	  now fixed (me).

	* Use a dialog to report problems on font installation, rather
	  that outputing to stdout.
	* Multiple leak fixes, and list use fixes from Morten.

	* gnumeric.desktop is now a generated file.  For those using
	  Bonobo, you should get the right desktop installed now (me).

	* Handles failures from gnome-print (Morten).

	* Fixes to work around some broken servers (Nick Lamb).

* CORBA-side

	* More interfaces and more features added in preparation for
	  the Graphics component integration (me).

* Internals

	* Scanning selections is now easier, faster and more
	  consistent thanks to Jody for providing this code.

	* Columns/Rows are now segmented arrays.

	* Redone the way we include Bonobo objects, this has enabled
	  us to make Gnumeric embed arbitrarly-shaped components.

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