LibGTop 1.1.2 "Hardangervidda" has been released (for Solaris users only!)

Hello Solaris users of October GNOME,

LibGTop 1.1.2 "Hardangervidda" has been released.

This is a snapshot release for Solaris users of October GNOME.
It contains the first version of the Solaris port of LibGTop
which works at least on Solaris 7, but maybe also other versions
of Solaris.


  This release is *not* binary compatible with LibGTop 1.0.5 from
  October GNOME. It is not even fully source compatible with it.

  Please use LibGTop 1.0.x unless you're on a Solaris system.

  You can get the latest stable release of LibGTop at:
  or use any of the binary packages that came together with October GNOME.

* Availability:

  This tarball is intentionally not on so people don't
  accidentally grab the wrong version.

Please look at the file `RELNOTES-1.1.x' in the tarball for a full list of
changes since LibGTop 1.0.x.

Martin Baulig - -

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