LibGTop 1.0.6 "October GNOME" has been released

Hello guys,

LibGTop 1.0.6 "October GNOME" has been released.

This is not really the tarball that came together with
October GNOME, but you should use this one instead of 1.0.5
when compiling from source since it contains a compilation
fix for FreeBSD and an updated Reference Manual.

When you're on a Solaris system, please read my annoucement
of LibGTop 1.1.2 which I'll send to this list in a few minutes.

* Availability:

* Changes since 1.0.6:

  - Compilation fixes for *BSD systems.
  - Updated the Reference Manual a bit.

If you're using any binary packages that came with October GNOME,
there is no need to upgrade to this release. It's just for *BSD
people who want to compile from source (1.0.5 did not compile there).

Martin Baulig - -

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