ANNOUNCE Gnomba 0.5.0

Well it took longer than we wanted as usual, but here is a great new 
version of gnomba.  We also have finally gotten around to adding gnomba to
the gnome cvs.  Check the HACKING file for how to help.

This release has a ton of changes, including a number from 
Remi Cohen-Scali <>, here are a few:

-fixed the problem with crashing on long share lists
-dealt with "NoName" shares (see discussion below)
-auto-mount by double click
-can execute apps on mount
-/etc/mtab reading for better sync with mount information
-font selection for main treeview component
-misc UI fixes, bug fixes

There are a number of other fixes and changes, check the ChangeLog for 

The URLs:
6.0 RPMs:
5.2 RPMs: 
(The debian and 5.2's aren't up yet, but should be soon)

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.


Description of NoName problem:

The "NoName" problem is actually a known problem with several (all?) 
versions of Windows 95.  While there is no good (or even decent) fix, we 
have included a really ugly work around for who really want to scan these

The problem is that when Windows 95 responds to a name request, it does not
respond to the port that the request came from.  Instead it responds to port
137.  Now why it does remains a mystery to everyone I have spoken to, though
all agree that it is just plain stupid.  

How do we get around this then? Well the only way to scan these machines is 
to listen on port 137.  There are of course two problems with this.  One is
that on most *nix systems, only root can bind to ports below 1024.  However
even if this was not a problem, there already is something listening on most 
systems - nmbd, the samba groups NMB name server.  

So how do you scan a 95 machines?  There are several steps:
1. stop nmbd from running (for example killall -9 nmbd)
2. run gnomba as root or suid root (This is a really, really, really bad idea)
3. set the "evil 95 workaround" option
4. run scan
5. restart nmbd

While this works, I don't suggest you do it.  For the duration of the time 
that nmbd is down, your machine will not answer name queries.  Also, the idea
of running a big ugly unaudited GUI program using an unaudited GUI toolkit is
probably not the greatest.  

A better work around would be to not use scanning at all, but instead use a 
Master Browser list or WINS.  This is what I am starting to tackel now, so 
hopefully it will be available soon.

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