gnome-core 1.0.52 "Beryllium Bonobo" BETA released


I've put a new beta release of gnome-core on the ftp server.  Please test
it out and report any problems to

* Availablility


* Fixes
	- gnome-terminal size is restored across sessions (Michael 
	- gnome-terminal and mini-commander docs should be included in
		the tarball for those of you without docbook tools (me)
	- panel settings should now not be lost when upgrading from a
		gnome-core earlier than 1.0.40.  (me)

I'd really appreciate if people could try out upgrading from 1.0.9 to
1.0.52.  If you lose your panel settings after logging out then back in,
please report this as a bug.

Thanks and enjoy,
"Me fail English?  That's unpossible!" - R. Wiggum

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