New version of gtm (0.4.2)

Hi everybody,

I have release a new version of gtm.

For those of you who don't know gtm (Gnome Transfer Manager), gtm is
capable of downloading files from the network using FTP and HTTP
The program is also capable of continuing the downloads and accepts drag
and drop of URL from netscape. You can dnd to the program or to the
applet (applet dnd is very usefull if you have a small monitor).
And now you can even dnd from gmc and gftp (need at least gftp version
2.0.5a). This means more than one URL at a time.

If you want to know more visit gtm page

You can download the source code, RPM (RedHat 6.0) or SRPM.

Changes since version last version (0.4.1):

        * New accelarators for the application

        * Total redesign the preferences dialog box

        * Total redesign the properties dialog box

        * New dialog to add URL to download. With this you can drag more than
        one URL at a time from gmc and gftp.

        * New menu edit with:
                - Select all
                - Unselect all
                - Properties (Moved from donwload menu)

        * Changed the gtm CORBA interface:
                - Open a dialog box to enter a new URL to download
                - Open a dialog box with a list of URL to be added to the list

        * Drag and drop from gftp (you need at least gftp-2.0.5a because the
        author fixed some bugs on dnd) and gmc (I tested only this two but I
        think it works with more programs I just didn't test it).

        * New program preferences:
                - Confirmation of remove
                - Confirmation of restart
                - Dialog box add can also change the default download dir like
                  dialog box new

        * Portuguese translation updated.

        * Bug fixes:
                - Fixed the incorrect sizing of the application. Now the
                  download info page never gets clipped
                - Some strings were untranslated and forgot to start the
                  translation system on the applet
                - Some people using LC_ALL environment variable had problems
                  because wget messages got translated and gtm couldn't talk
                  with wget
                - DND was not working on the file list and it is the only
                  place you can drag stuff (dropping URL to download on menus
                  and toolbar was stupid)
                - Removed the predefined location of wget which was causing
                  problems to people installing gtm with rpm and used a
                  diferent location of wget
                - Removed stupid information showing up when the file was
                  completely downloaded
                - The total and session speeds were all round down
                - Disable auto download of a file when the user manually stops
                  the transfer

It's all for now.

                                               Bruno Pires Marinho

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