New version for GNOME Compjugador

Hi everybody,

After months of inactivity I have finished a new pre-release of 
GNOME compjugador. 

GNOME Compjugador is an automatic conjugator of Spanish Verbs.

I have redesigned its data file in order to accomodate for its
deficiencies. It is now able to conjugate verbs such as "roer", which
has three variations in some tenses; and to include hyphenations. It
is very close to handle defective verbs.

This version is still a development one. It crashes once in a while
(not often though and the results are accurate). I still haven't found
why yet as the bug is a little "unreliable".  A good bug report will
help quite a bit, or even better, a patch.

The user interface still needs some work, but I have not been able to
work on it. Maybe some daring soul is willing to give it a facelift :)

The text version will soon be updated to match the engine in the GNOME

Please download it and try it. For that reason I have included rpms.

The version is 0.2

Available at:

Daniel M. German

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