ANNOUNCE: Glade 0.5.5 available

Glade 0.5.5 is available at

Glade is a user interface builder for GTK+ & Gnome.


Glade 0.5.5     (Nov 11 1999)

 o Bug fixes -  fixed accelerator keys dialog so the GTK+ version compiles.
                output (void) as the function prototypes in interface.c

Glade 0.5.4     (Nov 6 1999)

 o Added back the 'Data' & 'Object' fields on the 'Signals' page, though I
   still think people shouldn't use these.
 o Added some support for GnomeAnimator. You just have to add the frames of the
   animation yourself.
 o Moved accelerator keys from a property editor page to a separate dialog,
   which you can access via the 'Basic' page of the property editor.
 o Bug fixes -  Allow label to be removed from buttons etc.
                Make sure GnomeDruid strings are translated.
                Don't let widgets be added to GnomeCanvas.
                Don't let child widgets of GtkEntry/GnomeEntry etc. be deleted.
                Ignore <style> stuff in XML file.

Damon Chaplin

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