Gnome Print 0.2 has been released

Hello guys,

  I have just put up gnome-print-0.2 on the FTP site.

  GNOME print is Raph Levien's printing architecture package for
GNOME.  I am releasing this in preparation for the Gnumeric printing

* What is new in this version

	* New font locating code from Chris Lahey (new
	  gnome-font-install program which generates the new Fontmap
	  files in XML format).

	* Fontmap is now XML based (Chris Lahey).

	* Header file installation reorganization.

	* Lots of bug fixes (Federico, Havoc)

	* You can set the default font on gnome-font dialogs.

	* New framework for font definitions.

	* Requires gnome-xml now.

Check the ChangeLog for a detailed log.

* Location

Best wishes,

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