Miguel goes to Grenoble and goes to Madrid

Hello guys,

   I will be going to Grenoble to the Troissieme Journees Linux, on
friday and saturday next week and will be on Madrid the next week.  I
would like to meet with free software developers and users there. 

   The schedule for Madrid looks like this (all of the talks
discussions will take place in the Universidad Carlos III):

       * Tuesday 22/march, afternoon: talks on free software with the
       kde, hurd and debian people

       * Wednesday/23 to Friday/25, afternoon: gnome and corba.  free
         entrance, but you need to reserve your spot (talk to
         jgb@gsyc.inf.uc3m.es about this).

       * Thursday/24 and Friday/25, morning:  Tutorial on GNOME Programming.
         If you want to go, also, reserve your spot. 

Best wishes,

(details on the Madrid trip, will be available in

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