Guppi 0.9.0 is out


Another Guppi is out. As usual, it requires Goose and gnome-print; Bonobo
is optional. You shouldn't need to upgrade Goose and gnome-print from the
versions used for Guppi 0.8.0; however, there may be bug fixes in newer

The Guppi home page at has info on obtaining
the software.

Changes in this version:

 + Debugging data isn't created by default; this halves Guppi's memory 
   footprint. The debug datasets were big. :-)

 + Data importer has been swapped out; it is now a very simple hack, 
   it's fast and works fine for your basic text file. It's not very 
   smart though. We'll go back to the old Goose importer later on,
   once the bugs are ironed out.

 + Initial price bars support; price bars plot open-hi-lo-close price

 + Enhanced font support; should be saner.

 + Sort routine speedups; results in faster scatter plot.

 + Axis Properties dialog; this doesn't work 100%, and there are some 
   issues with axis labels that I'm blaming on the canvas for now ;-)

Non-user-visible changes:

 + DateData object is implemented, but not built by default.
   This will be used for price bars and other time series 

 + GnomeCanvasArc canvas item is included in the distribution, 
   but not yet used. This will be used in the pie chart.

 + Random code cleanups and bug fixes. See ChangeLog.

As always, please report bugs to me or to



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