Gnoghurt-0.1 is released

Hello, lovers of chunky dairy products,

Version 0.1 of Gnoghurt, the RHAD Labs video filter pipeline editor,
has been released.  This is a rough, first release, and will not be
maintained very much in the future.  If you want some changes done,
please send us patches.

Gnoghurt is the CORBA-based video filter pipeline editor that RHAD
Labs demonstrated at the 1999 Linux Expo.  It consists of three parts:

	* A video filter pipeline framework, using CORBA for
          communication and shared memory for the frame transport.

	* A bunch of GIMP-like filters like emboss, whirl, invert, and
          edge detection.

	* A nice, graphical editor for filter pipelines.  You can drag
          filters around and connect them together.

Please fix bugs and send patches.  Please write new filters and send
them to us, too!

You can get it here:

Fruit at the bottom.  Stir before eating.  Enjoy,

  The RHAD Labs team

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