GNOME core 1.0.8 and GNOME PIM 1.0.9 have been released

The GNOME core package and the GNOME Personal Information Management
packages have been released.

You can fetch them from:



These are the same packages I had announced for testing.  Dax Kelson
already has RPM packages that you can get.

Here is a list of features in these packages since the previous


* GNOME Session manager:

	* Lots of bug fixes and updates from Tom and Felix

* Gnome-Terminal:

	* Bug fix for the wrong TERM setting (ie, TERM=dumb)

	* Bug fix Does not pass WINDOWID from process to process

* Applet-dept

	* Battery, cdplayer, multiload crash fixes (Jacob)

* Panel

	* A couple of bug fixes from George and Jacob


* New in this release

    ** New features

	* Russell Steinthal provided a priority-scheme for the TODO

	* We generate unique identifiers now for events, this should
	  enable people to use a hotsync tool to sync with the Palm
	  and other calendars.
	* Nat and I hacked the code to fit in smaller windows.
	  Finally the calendar should work in small screens.

	* --todo is now supported to get a list of TODOs.

	* Includes parts of the manual from Dave Mason.

    ** Importing fixes.

	* We import properly Netscape exported calendars (timezone
	  bug, thanks to Matt Martin for the fix).

	* Nicholas provided us with a bug fix for a problem triggered
	  by calendars exported by KOrganizer.

    ** Bug fixes

	* Varioius small bug fixes by Sergei, Nat and me.

	* Nicholas provided us with a fix for crashing situations we
	  had for imported calendars (during saving).

	* Jean-Noel provided us with a fix for properly moving one
	  month before/after taking into account months that have less
	  that 31 days.

	* Mike provided a fix for daylight saving times.

	* Anders fixed the code to support --hidden properly.

	* Robert Brady and Owen Cliffe fixed a problem with the year
	  view (a crash).
	* The code should display times properly in Solaris.

	* Work arounds for older and broken versions of other software

	* --userfile no longer crashes the calendar.


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