Gnumeric 0.32 has been released


   I have just released Gnumeric 0.32, the GNOME spreadsheet.  It has
been more than a month since the last release.  The Gnumeric team has
been very busy working on new and exciting features.

   You can get it from:

   Here is a list of the changes since the last release organized per
category, many user requests have been satisfied, look for your
favorite new feature in here:

* New functions

	* MDETERM(), MINVERSE() matrix operations (Jukka)
	* ROMAN() function, which means all math operations of Excel
	  200 are implemented (Jukka)
	* Implemented DB, DDB, FREQUENCY, QUARTILE, and XNPV functions (Jukka).
	* Implemented ISREF, INDIRECT improved CELL (Michael)
	* Started the implementation of LINEST and TREND functions (Jukka)
	* Implemented BESSELI, BESSELK completing the engineering
	  functions (Jay).

* Fixed functions
	* Fixed DOLLAR, DOLLARDE, DOLLARFR, and PROB functions (Jukka)
	* Fixed several database functions (Michael)
	* Work on functions : ROW, COLUMN, ISLOGICAL, ISERR, ISBLANK, 

* Spreadsheet
	* Support Ctrl-Arrow movement & selection.  Make moving corner of
	  selection visible (Jody).
	* Support F4 switching between absolute and relative addressing
	  modes (Jody).
	* Reworked internal handling of absolute/relative addressing (Jody)
	* Fixed cut/copy/paste to relocate relative references to only
	  when copying not cuting (Jody)
	* Non-relative R1C1 style references implemented (Michael)
	* Enable Array formulas (Jody)
	* Handle booleans and errors like real values, rather than as
	  special cases (Jody).
	* Recognize the nn% syntax (10% for example is .1) (Jody)
	* Support implict intersection 'feature' of XL for functions,
	  NOT operators (Jody).
	* Bonobo support is working again (Miguel).
	* Moniker support for embedding sub-object is here (Miguel).
	* All IO code now takes an existing workbook to load information into, 
	  rather than creating a new workbook and returning it (Miguel).
	* Scrolling sheet tabs (Miguel, Michael).

	* Added GUI for Summary Info (Michael)
	* Added GUI for range names (Michael)

* Import filters
	* Initial stab at Lotus 123: wk1, wks import (Michael)
	* Better Excel string importing (Michael)
	* Fix for padded number insertion (fixes CSV import) (Michael)
	* Fixed locale setting and switching for file IO (Miguel).

* Documentation
	* More work done on documenting the analysis tools (Jukka)

* Automation
	* Updated the CORBA interface for setting cell attributes (Miguel)


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