Re: Off-Topic: Glib and GTK+ 1.2.X from the CVS

Mark Galassi <> writes:

> Looks like we need to moderate this list to avoid this kind of selfish
> posting.

Hey, I know - let's all post messages to this list, asking for it to
be moderated, until someone actually does something about it! :)

Quick, let's have a show of hands!  Could everyone who agrees reply to
this with "aye!"  Let's SPAM the group into moderation!

Seriously, I think this opinion has been voiced enough already.
Perhaps there should be a set list of trusted people who can post (ie,
project owners), and everyone else goes through a moderator?

Please respond to gnome-list rather than gnome-announce-list, unless
you happen to be the list owner announcing moderation has been or will
shortly be implemented :).
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