New version of Gfax (0.2.0).

GFax is a front end fax program that performs the familiar pop-up fax
manager when one prints to a fax printer. GFax works with all X
programs that use lpr as the printer interface, even the command

NEWS	April 29, 1999

Release 0.2.0

OK there are a few new features and some bug fixes since 0.1.1.


Email notify.
	You can now set your email address for receiving status of
	sent facsimilies.  This will become more useful when network
	faxing is complete.

Default phone prefix.
	A default prefix can be set for your outgoing phone line.
	Many people have to dial 9 to get an outside line, you can
	set it here.  Of course you can always include the prefix 
	in you phone book entry but it's ugly at best.
	Another use may be "*70" which in my phone exchange will
	disable call waiting for one phone call.

Fax File.
	There is now a button that will allow you to choose a file 
	from disk and then fax it.  I use this quite often by
	preparing a page in WordPerfect, printing to file and then
	sending with Gfax whenever I want.
Gnome Help System.
	A Gnome compliant help system is now integrated and can be 
	reached  through the help menu.

Delayed Faxing.
	The code to delay the sending of facsimilies is now working.
	I haven't tried this with Mgetty+Sendfax but it does show 
	correctly in test mode.  Hylafax works fine.


- Cleaned up the test mode if no filename.
- Removed lots of strcpy's, replaced with g_strdup.
- Fixed test mode so it won't delete the test file.
- Fixed segmentation fault on file open test.
- Fixed segmentation fault if no filename.

Linux glibc, i386 rpm and source available at the link below in the 
software section.

George Farris - VE7FRG           E-Mail :
G.M. Systems,                  Web page :
2570 Seaview Road,            Phone/Fax : (250)743-1500
Mill Bay, B.C., Canada
V0R 2P0                       We do pre-installed Linux systems.

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