Re: Writing a GNOME mail client. (fwd)

Another, small thing about the keybindings, I think if they were kept as
close as Pine's that would be great.  Also I think there should be some
kind of console mode for it as well.. If you've ever used AIX than you've
used smit and smitty, which is the same utility except that ones gui and
the other is console, and they both act exactly the same...  Personally
I'm not too sure about the
web-browser-to-view-your-email-anywhere-remotely approach... We've had
telnet for years and more people have telnet clients by default then
browsers i think.  do macs come with a telnet program by default?
the web browser thing does sound nifty though, although you'll have to
watch very closely for security flaws ... How would the web based version
be implemented?  java on the client side?  i think it could be done with
static pages produced on the server side which would just spit out forms.
true not as nifty but you might not be coming from a source where you have
a 'java enabled browser' or even where you have gui.  that leads me to my
first question about having a console/telnet version or having a web based
version....   just something to think about :)  if the decision comes
around that there wont be any console/web stuff than i can manage with
pine remotely...

- brendan

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