GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.30 is released

Hello, lovers of naturally caffeinated file managers,

Version 4.5.30 of the GNU Midnight Commander file manager has been
released by the MC team.  This version has some important fixes and
enhancements, including some fixes to potential security holes.

* Availability:

* What's new:

	- Now GMC uses the same code to launch applications
          everywhere.  This means that double clicking, or pressing
          Enter, or selecting Open from the popup menus now perform
          the same operations (Jonathan Blandford).

	- Root can now mount devices on the desktop (Miguel de Icaza).

	- The list behavior has been sanitized and fixed.  We
          basically override all of GtkCList's broken selection
          semantics and implement our own.  The list now behaves just
          like the desktop and the icon list (Federico Mena).

	- Fixed potential /tmp security holes in the scripts for the
          extfs filesystem (Owen Taylor).

	- Misc. fixes to the icon list and the desktop (Federico Mena).

	- Implemented discard command for session management (Owen Taylor).

	- Now times in the file properties dialog are displayed in
          local time, instead of UTC (Ronald de Man).

	- Preferences page for the desktop (Miguel de Icaza).  This
          still needs some code in the desktop to work.

	- Tree behavior fixes (Federico Mena).

	- The treestore no longer remembers subtrees in remote
          filesystems (Miguel de Icaza).

	- Viewer and quick-view fixes (David Martin).

	- The treestore is now saved when the program terminates
          (Federico Mena).

	- Behavior fixes to the find dialog (Miguel de Icaza).

	- Take into account that dup2() may be interrupted (in the
          cons.saver) (Federico Mena).

	- New copy_in capability for the mtools file system (Serge

Have fun,


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