Gnome-core 1.0.5 is released

Hello, lovers of finely chopped and sauted bugs,

The GNOME team has just released version 1.0.5 of the gnome-core
module.  This version has many important bug fixes and additions.

* Availability:

* New features:

	- The configure script now supports a --with-kde-datadir
          option so that the panel can read KDE menus in any location
          (Owen Taylor).

	- New icons from Tigert (Tuomas Kuosmanen).

	- More new icons from drc (Vie Ptsi).

	- Theme enhancements for the clockmail applet (John Ellis).

	- The drivemount applet can now launch a GMC window on the
          specified device (John Ellis).

	- Now you can paste text into the mini-commander applet by
          using the middle mouse button (Oliver Maruhn).

	- New and updated translations (Yukihiro Nakai, Mikko Rauhala,
          Nuno Ferreira, and others who are not in the ChangeLog).

* Bug fixes:

	- Lots of fixes to the asclock applet, including a potential
          security hole (Miguel de Icaza, Bjrn Augustsson).

	- Fixes to the multiload applet (Jacob Berkman).

	- Lots of fixes to the cdplayer applet (Owen Taylor, George

	- Enhancements to the analog clock applet (igo Serna).

	- Routine physical check-up for Wanda the Fish (George Lebl).

	- Fixes and enhancements to the modemlights applet (John
          Ellis, Bruno Abrunhosa Pires Marinho).

	- Warning fixes to gmenu (Michael Fulbright).

	- Lots of fixes and documentation updates to gnome-terminal
          (Michael Zucchi, Jacob Berkman, Miguel de Icaza, Nuno

	- Session management fixes to gnome-help-browser (Michael

	- Billions and billions of fixes to the panel (George Lebl).

Have fun,


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