Re: GNOME libs 1.0.7 has been released

I for one would appreciate it if RPMs were produced - perhaps not for 
every release but at reasonbly regular intervals.

I have tried compiling the downloaded source but have got error 
messages and I am not technically competent enough to work out what 
the errors really mean and how to fix them. I have also noticed that 
compiled source can sometimes install in different directories from 
the original RPMs and this can cause problems.


Allan Miller

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On 4/10/99, 4:28:40 AM, Stephen Gava <> wrote 
regarding Re: GNOME libs 1.0.7 has been released:

> Hey all.

> >   Get off yer lazy butts, and compile the stuff!!

> > *wildly applauds Larry*

> Actually, my own installation is from source tarballs, but I know that 
> lot of folks will never install gnome at all except from rpms. It just
> occurred to me that it might be good P.R. for the project to have bug
> fixed rpms available for that large group of potential new gnome fans.

> Of course the coders should not be bothered by this, maybe some others
> out there with rpm building skills would be able to take that load for
> them?

> Probably just a daft idea, if no one else out there thinks it matters, 
> guess its no biggie.

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