Re: "[window title] inaccessible": where does it come from, and what does it mean?

That's logic in Orca. The Marco "support" in Orca is simply mapping
things over from the old GNOME 2.x days with Metacity. And there is a
sad hack or three in Orca due to issues in Metacity. Therefore, if you
could file a bug against Orca and attach a full debug.out, I'll look
into it. Thanks!


On 06/29/2015 12:49 PM, Luca Saiu wrote:

As you may know from my interaction [1] with Alejandro PiƱeiro, who has
given me some useful suggestions, I'm trying to develop a very simple
accessible application using ATK but without GTK+ or any other toolkit.

My current standalone program uses SDL to draw a window and manage a few
events; later I'll have to graft the thing into a Compiz plugin, but the
core of the problem doesn't change.

I've made some progress, mostly thanks to Alejandro.  In particular now
I have a widget tree for my application showing up in Accerciser which
looks like it's supposed to, but when I switch to my application's
window with a window manager (say Marco) the screen reader vocalizes the
window title followed by "inaccessible", and the application state is
not vocalized and doesn't show up in Braille -- I'm using the X11 driver
of brltty, which works correctly with other applications implementing

My program has a root ATK object, implementing some interface; as far as
I can see it looks reasonable, and similar to a sample GTK+ application
I wrote to compare.  Where does this "inaccessible" come from, exactly?
The string doesn't appear in the Marco source code.  Which criterion
should I satisfy, exactly, for the screen reader not to give up?

Thanks in advance,


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