Re: gnome-shell magnifier

Hi Robert,

Not sure if anyone answered this already but in case the problem
remains, I have a few suggestions for you to try:

It is possible to check the history of the magnifier for 3.8 by going to
the log files on[1]. There have been many changes to the
magnifier over time and the current work is for 3.10 so it would be a
challenge finding out what happened to cause a problem between 3.6 and
3.8 with those factors in mind, I suppose. 

I think it is entirely possible that graphics is related to the issues
but more information is needed. Try

$ cd /var/log/
$ su
$ grep -r '(WW)' | grep -r '(EE)' 

Where WW is for warnings and EE is for errors. Do not worry if loads of
stuff comes up just put the result into 'fpaste' or somewhere like that
and email back with it (be careful not to include any sensitive
information beforehand). 

There are additional free/nonfree firmware/driver packages for fedora
you can download from[2] if you had not already looked
into that you might like to do that now. In the meantime, try running:

$ pkcon search name nvidia | grep Installed
Let us know the result. 



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Today's Topics:

   1. Fedora 19 "Live" and GNOME Shell Magnifier (Robert Cole)


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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 10:17:35 -0700
From: Robert Cole <rkcole72984 gmail com>
To: gnome-accessibility-list gnome org
Subject: Fedora 19 "Live" and GNOME Shell Magnifier
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Hello, everyone.

I was looking into installing Fedora 19 over my current Fedora 18 
system, but I ran into a problem.

I used the GNOME Shell Magnifier to go through the installation process 
of Fedora 18 a number of months ago; everything went very smoothly. I 
went to enable the magnifier on the Fedora 19 "Live" system this morning 
so that I could look around, but all of a sudden the screen went black, 
only displaying a white mouse pointer. After trying to zoom in, GNOME 
Shell crashed.

My system came with an integrated nVidia GeForce 6150SE, nforce 430 
card, and (to say the least) this card has been nothing but a nuisance. 
It, I believe, causes my Fedora 18 system to intermittently freeze, thus 
requiring a reboot.

Has anything changed between GNOME Shell versions 3.6 and 3.8 in the 
area of the magnifier which could be causing my current problem under 
the Fedora 19 live environment? I can manage to get the system installed 
without the magnifier, though ti is pretty inconvenient to do so, but I 
am concerned that I will encounter this same problem upon starting the 
magnifier from within the installed system.

Could this have to do with the nouveau driver, the video card itself, or 
something which has been updated in GNOME Shell 3.8? I am just trying to 
figure out why this is taking place on the Fedora 19 live system when it 
was not a problem in Fedora 18 nor in Fedora 17.

Any input concerning this situation would be greatly appreciated.

Take care, and have a great day!


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