gnome-shell magnifier

Hello all,

I've just started using gnome 3, specifically 3.8.1, and I am a
magnifier user.  I have a few questions:

1.  Is there some way to adjust the granularity of the keyboard shortcut
for the magnification?  200%, 300%, etc is too coarse.  I did see that I
could increment by 25% in the accessibility settings dialog but not with
the shortcut.  I do realize I could set the shortcut for something and
then use the on/off toggle to switch between but I don't always use the
same level.  If this is addressed somewhere else please point me in that

2.  Is there some way to create a keyboard shortcut for reverse video?
I don't need it all the time and going to the settings dialog every time
is a bit of a PITA.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.  Again, if this is documented
somewhere that I've not been able to find via google, please point me in
that direction.

Best regards,

Robert D. Crawford                                     robdcraw gmail com

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