Re: Orca TTS languages and IETF BCP 47 / ISO 639-x

On 01/22/2013 07:29 AM, Christophe Strobbe wrote:

> What I had expected were language that conform to IETF BCP 47: Tags for
> Identifying Languages: <>. This would
> make it easier for an external program, like Cloud4all's framework, to
> launch Orca with a specific TTS language. For example, Cloud4all could
> then rely on standard language tags instead of knowing Orca's non-standard
> list.

It's not Orca's non-standard list.

$ python
>>> import speechd
>>> client = speechd.SSIPClient('foo')
>>> client.list_synthesis_voices()
(('afrikaans', 'af', 'none'), ('bulgarian-test', 'bg', 'none'),
('bosnian', 'bs', 'none'), ('catalan', 'ca', 'none'), ('czech', 'cs',
'none'), ('welsh-test', 'cy', 'none'), ('danish', 'da', 'none'),
('german', 'de', 'none'), ('greek', 'el', 'none'), ('default', 'en',
'none'), ('en-scottish', 'en', 'sc'), ('english', 'en', 'uk'),
('lancashire', 'en', 'uk-north'), ('english_rp', 'en', 'uk-rp'),
('english_wmids', 'en', 'uk-wmids'), ('english-us', 'en', 'us'),
('en-westindies', 'en', 'wi'), ('esperanto', 'eo', 'none'), ('spanish',
'es', 'none'), ('spanish-latin-american', 'es', 'la'), ('estonian',
'et', 'none'), ('finnish', 'fi', 'none'), ('french', '(Belgium)', 'fr'),
('french', 'fr', 'fr'), ('greek-ancient', 'grc', 'none'), ('hindi',
'hi', 'none'), ('croatian', 'hr', 'none'), ('hungarian', 'hu', 'none'),
('armenian', 'hy', 'none'), ('armenian-west', 'hy', 'west'),
('indonesian-test', 'id', 'none'), ('icelandic-test', 'is', 'none'),
('italian', 'it', 'none'), ('lojban', 'jbo', 'none'), ('georgian-test',
'ka', 'none'), ('kannada', 'kn', 'none'), ('kurdish', 'ku', 'none'),
('latin', 'la', 'none'), ('latvian', 'lv', 'none'), ('macedonian-test',
'mk', 'none'), ('malayalam', 'ml', 'none'), ('nahuatl', '-',
'classical'), ('dutch-test', 'nl', 'none'), ('norwegian', 'no', 'none'),
('papiamento-test', 'pap', 'none'), ('polish', 'pl', 'none'), ('brazil',
'pt', 'br'), ('portugal', 'pt', 'pt'), ('romanian', 'ro', 'none'),
('russian_test', 'ru', 'none'), ('slovak', 'sk', 'none'), ('albanian',
'sq', 'none'), ('serbian', 'sr', 'none'), ('swedish', 'sv', 'none'),
('swahili-test', 'sw', 'none'), ('tamil', 'ta', 'none'), ('turkish',
'tr', 'none'), ('vietnam', 'vi', 'none'), ('Mandarin', 'zh', 'none'),
('cantonese', 'zh', 'yue'))

--joanie (Orca project lead)

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