Low-Vision user observation

I've just installed 3.6 on my machine, and I'm finding with each
release, the path to configuring my system to be optimal as a low-vision
user is quite painful.   Yes, I see new features, but the ability to get
to them in order to configure them is extremely difficult and getting
more difficult as my vision becomes worse.  

I have no intentions of using this as a thread to bash anyone.  Instead,
I'd like to ask if there's been any kind of low-vision user observation
tracking going on.   Documenting how we use and the steps it takes us to
get from point A to point B?

Some instant examples of some of my challenges when I set up a new

- By default, all apps are in white (or bright) background.  Makes it a
huge challenge to get to gnome-tweak-tool and see where to change an
option to a more comfortable theme.   (By the way, HighContrastInverse
has been dropped from 3.6.  Anyone know why this is?)

- There seems to be no option to scale your mouse cursor to a
comfortable size.  This option existed in GNOME 2.x.  

- I'm very excited about the new features of GNOME magnification, but
can't find where to configure.

- Tweaking fonts is also poses challenge as in some windows, such as
g-t-t or gnome-control-center.

In any case, while some of my examples can obviously be filed as bugs
(and I will be filing them), I think it would be useful to observe a
typical low-vision user walkthrough setup and pull together common
experiences that could further enhance a future release of GNOME for
low-vision accessibility.  Perhaps some surveys or something?  Or does
something already exist and I missed the boat on it?


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