RE: Atk focus change capture fail. Why?

On Sun, 7 Oct 2012, Tal Hadad wrote:

> Do you mean that you have two applications (ie: gedit and gcalculator) and you want to know when one of the windows get the focus?
Yes. I'm talking about my process(X) that can read ATK windows of all processes A,B,C,...N
Generally, cross processing ATK with no GtkPlug. Is this possible?

ATK is mostly just a set of interfaces and doesn't have any inter-process communication built in. You need to use AT-SPI (ie, at-spi2-core, and perhaps pyatspi2 if you want to use Python) if you want to be able to inspect or listen to events from objects in other processes. (There has been discussion of merging ATK and AT-SPI, but it would be a very long-term goal.)


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