Re: Low-Vision user observation

Hi Bryen,

I'm still digesting your full message. With respect to cross hairs, you wrote:
2. The crosshairs option is nice, but I found it distracting for the
most part.  I suppose in all fairness if I stuck to it, after a while
I'd get used to it.  It was a lot easier to locate my mouse pointer than
a large cursor mouse pointer would be.  Nevertheless, the crosshairs do
interfere to some extent.  See this screenshot where configuring in
gnome-teak-tool, the crosshairs prevented me from seeing values as I
toggled up or down.

It's possible to set up the cross hairs such that they do not intersect the mouse. Below is a screen shot to show that. This is a shot of the same zoom options tab panel as in your screen shot, but with different cross hairs settings. I've made the cross hairs as thin as possible, also to make them less of a distraction. But, I'm not sure that being that thin is a good setting for you. To compensate, I've left their transparency fairly low -- put another way, their contrast is relatively high:

The following screen shot shows the cross hairs preferences dialog for the above configuration. Note: uncheck the "Overlaps mouse cursor" checkbox:

Does that help?


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