GNOME Shell Magnifier Advanced Settings and Testing

Hello again, everyone.

As you may have probably guessed by my heavy torrent of e-mails (sorry), I am really trying to do some testing with the GNOME shell Magnifier.

I saw some screenshots of a more advanced dialog for magnifier settings on the GNOME Shell magnification page [1]. I also read some references to a testing dialog here [2], but it seems that this has been discontinued (?). Under GNOME 3.2 the Universal Access dialog does not offer much in the way of magnification settings, so I was wondering if there was a different package for GNOME 3.2 which could be used to alter settings. I have been reading through this file:


and, unfortunately, I really would not know where to begin as far as the settings are concerned (with the only exclusion being that of the MOUSE_POLL_FREQUENCY variable). I only have very basic programming skills, so I have no idea where to begin in this.

I guess the other question I should ask is this: Is there a need for testers as concerning the magnifier? I have used screen magnifiers in Windows for years, and I have been a sole Linux user for the past five years or so. If I could be of any use to those developing the magnifier, I would be more than glad to do what I can.

If there is no longer a dialog for the more advanced settings of the magnifier, is there a document some place which explains how to set different values using GSettings? I have never used GSettings, but I could learn to do so.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my tons of e-mails, and for any help and guidance.

Take care.


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