Re: [g-a-devel] GNOME Launches Campaign for Accessibility

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> De: Jason White <jason jasonjgw net>
> I think the Gnome accessibility community has a good grasp of the technical
> issues that have to be addressed, including the lack of appropriate
> documentation for desktop and application developers as to how to implement
> accessibility interfaces. I would encourage the completion of any proposed
> redesign of ATK to solve the problems which have been identified.
> It should also be recognized that the ATK/AT-SPI infrastructure is now used by
> other desktop environments (XFCE, and KDE with the QT to AT-SPI bridge), and by
> various application developers - Mozilla Gecko, LibreOffice, Eclipse, etc.,
> which are independent of Gnome, and that these projects need to be part of
> whatever solutions are decided upon.

Well, the ATK/AT-SPI Hackfests are examples of this collaboration and we have
another one the next week

> The coordination problems and resource shorages discussed in this thread are
> very real. I've seen the following pattern repeatedly on the Orca list.

This thread was started with an announce of a fundrising campaign for accessibilty.
Yes, the lack of resources is real, and this is a campaign to alleviate it.

> 1. A user identifies a bug.
> 2. The bug is traced to shortcomings in the ATK support provided by a UI
> library, desktop environment or application.
> 3. The bug is reported to the relevant project.
> 4. The project in question lacks the resources to deal with the bug in a
> timely fashion, or for some other reason it simply doesn't get addressed in
> the next release, or the one after that, or... Thus the original reporter and
> everyone else affected by the bug waits, and waits...
> A further difficulty identified in this thread is how better to involve
> programmers with disabilities who want to fix bugs. Some suggestions would be
> to provide better mentoring and assistance with review processes, and to
> simplify and document the accessibility infrastructure as far as possible to
> make it easier to implement, and easier to debug. By "simplify", I do 
> not mean
> "reduce the power of" - we actually do need all of those roles, 
> states,
> properties and events for good accessibility.

Sure, I know that get into programming in a big project like GNOME is not easy,
but also it's true that accessibility is not a different part of GNOME. I mean that
the code reviews, comments and even inactivity in some bugs in bugzilla are the 

We have mailing lists and IRC channel plenty of helpful people. I think this, though is
not all we want to help new developers, is enough for helping those people who 
are willing to push accessibility in the desktop.

Anyway, I'm not against improving the situation as long as we have the resources 
to do it.


   -- Juanjo Marin

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