Re: [g-a-devel] GNOME Launches Campaign for Accessibility


On 12/25/11 12:11 AM, Bill Cox wrote:
Since you bring it up, let's talk about it.  There has not been a
single accessibility bug reported by the community that was closed by
the GTK+ team in two years.  The calender doesn't talk, and neither do
most images, regardless of the dedication of the original programmer.
I submit but reports with patches to GTK+, and I am among many who are
ignored.  Shall we get into specific bug reports still outstanding?
Shall we compare them to outstanding projects like Orca?

It would be very useful to put together a report of critical
outstanding accessibility bugs.  While there are clearly many issues
with GTK+, there are also serious issues in other areas to consider
(such as in the CORBA->D-Bus conversion).  Raising awareness of
particular serious issues as the FoG accessibility campaign is starting
is helpful.


On 12/25/11, Jason White<jason jasonjgw net>  wrote:
Bill Cox<waywardgeek gmail com>  wrote:

So, how do we separate the groups that deserve accessibility funding
under Gnome from those who seem hell bent on making life painful for
the blind?

I don't think this is either a helpful or productive question to ask, and I
doubt very much that there are people associated with Gnome who fall into
category presupposed by the question.

If you have money that you want to put on the table, and if you're
uncomfortable donating it to Gnome, you can for example offer it as a bounty
for the completion of certain development tasks. Some software projects
financial contributions under such conditions.

If you don't have money to contribute, then I'm sure those working on ATK,
AT-SPI, Orca and associated projects would welcome bug reports, patches
or documentation.

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