Re: A11y @ Ohio Linux Fest

On Mon, April 16, 2012 6:53 am, Emily Gonyer wrote:
> I am planning to attend Ohio Linux Fest this year one way or another - I
> have family in Columbus to stay with, so it shouldn't be a big deal at
> all.
> I'm game to help however I can, manning a GNOME booth or an A11y booth or
> doing anything else thats needed. Just let me know :)
> Emily
> On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 7:41 PM, Bryen M Yunashko
> <a11yrocks bryen com>wrote:
>> This year, Ohio Linux Fest will be held in Columbus, Ohio September
>> 28-30.  I initially thought about proposing my "A11y: Its about you!"
>> talk, but after reading the OLF website, knowing their interests in
>> promoting open A11y, and seeing how people commented about a11y at
>> Indiana Linux Fest last weekend, I thought...  Why not go for something
>> bigger this time?  Go for the bang!
>> My proposal:
>> 1.  We set up a very large booth that isn't focused on any one
>> organization, but rather on open a11y in general.  Booth staff would
>> include reps from GNOME, Mozilla, FSF, Oracle, etc.  Hands on
>> demonstrations of what our software can do.

this is a great idea! I've been talking with various orgs about ways we
can work together to promote accessibility and this seems like a great way
to really get started.

let me know how I can help!

>> 2.  Propose more advanced talks, such as "How you can test to ensure
>> your software is accessible," or "how to deploy a11y software in your
>> environment."  (I get asked this a lot!)   My "It's about you!" talk
>> really is more an introduction/marketing talk.  It's good, but doesn't
>> do enough to get more people to pay attention to a11y in their own
>> development.
>> 3.  Organize a hacksession, perhaps either one of our traditional "fix
>> what's broken in a11y" events, or "fix what's accessibly-broken in non
>> a11y-software."  OLF has a community day on Friday which is more focused
>> on workshops and whatnot.  An ideal day to set up hacksessions before
>> the main event on Saturday.
>> I think given the combined resources of the various organizations and
>> that a number of a11y contributors live somewhat close to Ohio, we could
>> make a good go of this.  And potentially make this a blueprint for
>> organizing similar events around the world.  Getting more people aware,
>> interested, and involved, is a good thing, IMO.
>> It would also create an opportunity to invite local agencies, school
>> districts, etc. that work with people of various abilities.  A plus for
>> us to demonstrate our awesomeness to target audiences, and a plus for
>> the event host to increase attendance to their show.
>> I'm not proposing we do this instead of traditional dotOrg booths.  For
>> example, if GNOME community plans to have a booth, they should still do
>> so.  But we would be creating a traveling "A11y Center" of which GNOME
>> would be a "consortium" member.
>> Frankly, I think this would be a more likely success-story outcome than
>> at places like CSUN conference.
>> Thoughts?
>> Bryen M Yunashko
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