Ang: Re: [Telepathy] Pictogram support (Montreal Summit)

Thanks both for this interesting information about the preconditions for graphics in IM! The XEP-0231
specs look quite promising (to an amateur in the techy field, as I am)!
Another question then: Is there any support currently for Ruby Annotation  in any of these IM protocols?
If not; Are there any discussions going on concerning this afayk?
(The reason for the question is that the ultimate way of representing graphic symbols alligned with gloss text according to an existing standard is by having full support for RA, including the possibility to display graphics in the Ruby annotation field.)
I've added a working version of the broken link below ...

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Thanks for taking the time to respond, Guillaume.

> > Thinking in people with language and communication disorders (i.e.
> > people not able to read/write due to cognitive/mental disorders), it
> > would be interesting to have a IM client able to compose, send and
> > display messages made up pictograms + text.

Out of curiosity (I know basically nothing about accessibility) isn't
audio/video chat a good solution for those users?

Sometimes it is a good option, but this type of program is also commonly recommended for people with, for example, Cerebral Palsy.  Such users cannot always speak.
Doesn't work. :\
> And here Meg's answer:
> >   I spoke to one of the developers of Telepathy about this, and here is
> > what he said:
> >
> > Currently Telepathy does not support this type of feature. For example,
> > users cannot send emoticons that they have drawn themselves. Therefore,
> > you would need to write a library for this. If you are willing to write
> > a library, they would be happy to have this feature.

So yeah, at the moment Telepathy/Empathy doesn't support user-define
emoticons ( ). This
shouldn't be implemented as a library but part of Telepathy directly. So
you should:
- Have an API in the Telepathy specification
- Implement it in at least one connection manager, ideally Gabble, our
XMPP backend.
- Make use of this API in your app.

Actually, if you want to just send a a bunch of images, the Messages
) API could  be enough. But AFAIK Gabble doesn't support sending non
text messages atm so you should still implement this.

> > Secondly, they recommend that you write a seperate app for this feature,
> > but use the Empathy contact list. They recommend that the feature be
> > accessed through the accessibility menu.

Telepathy is a pretty flexible framework so you could for example use
your specific app for text chat but still use the other part of Empathy.

> - Do (most commonly used) supported protocols allow for sending
> arbitrary images along with text? Otherwise it would be pointless to try
> to write a library for this.

MSN certainly does; but telepathy-butterfly (our MSN backend) is kinda
dead and we love freedom so XMPP would be our first choice. According to
the bug I linked above Pidgin implements this using XEP-0231
( ) so that should be doable.
But best to check with a XMPP expert if that's the best way to do it.

Again, thanks for explaining all of this. I appreciate your time.

Meg Ford

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