Accessibility Sessions at the Ubuntu Developer Summit for Precise Pangolin (October 31 - November 4)

Hi All!

Next week is the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, Florida. This UDS
will be planning for Precise Pangolin, which is a Long Term Support
release; hopefully we can use it to truly get accessibility working
smoothly in Ubuntu! I'd love to get feedback and remote or in person
participation from members of Gnome A11y to give extra brains to the
issues being discussed.

If you are in the Orlando area and aren't already planning on coming
to UDS, please consider doing so! You can register online for free

If you aren't in the Orlando area or can't attend UDS in person for
another reason, it is possible to participate remotely using the
audiostreams and IRC [1]. All notes from sessions are taken using the
Ubuntu UDS Etherpad deployment and there will be links to the pads
announced at the beginning of sessions. Please note if you are
attending remotely and are not in the US/Canada that times on the
schedule are in local time to UDS (so Eastern Time) and that the
US/Canada will still be on Daylight Savings Time, but Europe (and I
think the rest of the Northern Hemisphere) will have switched back to
standard. You can register remote participation at UDS using the same
link for registering to attend in person.

As of right now, there are two sessions scheduled directly dealing
with accessibility. Please add ideas/suggestions for discussions to
the white board on the blueprints linked for each session.

Accessibility Team Community Goals [2]
Wednesday November 2, 16:15 Eastern Time (20:15 UTC)
This will be looking at community goals for improving accessibility

Accessibility Polish [3]
Thursday November 3, 15:00 Eastern Time (19:00 UTC)
This will be looking at development goals (mainly Canonical, but I
hope the community is able to contribute as well!) for accessibility
with the goal of making both Unity 2D and Unity 3D 100% accessible for Precise.

I will send out e-mails if either of these sessions is rescheduled.

If you have the time to attend more than those sessions (or can't
attend those, but would like to attend other sessions), please look at
the schedule for other sessions you may be interested in [4]. It would
also be wonderful if people could send me suggestions of other
sessions on the schedule that might have extra relevance to
accessibility so that we can try to find at least one person from the
Ubuntu Accessibility team to attend either in person or remotely.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thank you!


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