RE: Zoom function in Ubuntu 11.10, Improvements in screen magnification with Compiz Fusion/eZoom - Ready for testing

Hi everyone,

Last year, the F123 Project, a partnership between F123 Consulting and
Mais Diferenças, made a donation to the Gnome Foundation for
improvements on the Gnome GUI for low vision users. Specifically, the
F123 team asked for cursor and focus area tracking on eZoom, a Compiz
Fusion plugin available to the more than 14 million world-wide users of
the Gnome GUI.

We have excellent news, Alejandro Leiva, the developer with whom we have
been working on this initiative, has just made available Alfa code for
developers interested in testing the new and improved eZoom. This is the
first step in the process of potential inclusion of these improvements
in the F123 System and every other distribution that uses Gnome with
Compiz Fusion.

If you are a software developer and would like to test the new eZoom,
you can find Alejandro's GIT repository at this URL:

You can also find Alejandro's version of eZoom at this URL:

To give Alejandro feedback, please contact him at this e-mail address:
gloob litio org

Thank you in advance for your feedback,

The F123 Team

Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2011 22:55:58 +0300
Subject: Zoom function in Ubuntu 11.10
From: ricaradu gmail com
To: gnome-accessibility-list gnome org


I just tried Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 64-bit in live CD mode, without proprietary graphics drivers (System Info doesn't even recognize my ATI card) and I enabled Zoom in System Settings. Then I went to Keyboard and set the shortcuts. I can turn zoom on and off using the keyboard shortcut (I can see it toggle on and off in Accessibility), but zooming doesn't seem to work. I logged in/out but no luck. I logged into Unity 2D, still no luck. I even tried changing the shortcuts to no avail. Is the function broken or am I doing something wrong?

On a more general note, how is the state of magnification in Gnome 3.2, and Ubuntu? Are there any big changes/improvements from 6 months ago? I tried Ubuntu 11.04 when it came out and was sort of disappointed. Unity was completely "unzoomable" and the magnifier no longer followed the text caret in LibreOffice. It used to work just fine in OpenOffice in the past.

Does Gnome still use gnome-mag + Orca or are there newer (and better) alternatives? I know KDE doesn't have a good magnifier and Compiz Enhanced Zoom (the best and most stable magnifier, IMHO) doesn't follow text insertion, which is a deal breaker for me because I use high magnification and need the magnifier to follow text insertion. Looks like I'm stuck with Windows again.

Thanks for your replies,
Aurelian Radu

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