Re: Constantly Losing Speech Output

Hi.  You need to provide more info.
What hardware?  Is this happening with speech-dispatcher or gnome-speech?
There are probably more questions to ask, but this will start.


On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 02:51:03PM -0400, RiverWind wrote:
> I am having the very devil of a problem with my speech output. I am
> using Orca, and I have recently installed the latest version of the
> Squeeze Disk. I was under the impression that the squeeze disk
> boasted certain fixes that make the speech output for Orca more
> reliable and less prone to inexplicably cut out. However, I am
> constantly losing speech when ever I use either set of cursor
> manipulation keys, I.E. the numpad and the actual cursor keys in
> the middle.
> One moment I have speech, and the very next I do not. I have to
> restart my system in order to regain speech output. I would
> sincerely appreciate any and all help that I can get with this
> problem.
> I am terrified at the thought of installing anything else on this
> system, because every time I do, my media player stops functioning.
> However, I will do what ever is needful in order to fix my problem.
> Finding a comprehensive manual on the Gnome system would help
> greatly.
> As always, thanks ever so much in advance.
> Ray
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