Ang: Very New: Caribou 0.3.2

Hi Eitan,
Thanks for the update information - I read your blog with interest!
A couple of questions and comments:
The modular approach for the Keyboard UI - among other things - looks really interesting!
For the version that you are currently working on; What kind of tools and opportunities for high-level editing of keyboard layouts and behaviour are you envisaging?
I'm not quite sure about how to interpret your comment about the "Input Method Support (bye AT-SPI) section in your latest blog post: What kind of problems are you referring to - just technical, or also functinal from the user's point of view, etc?
I think I commented quite a while ago that the feature of displaying the OSK only when a text input task is expected may often be problematic for many of the potential users - in particular those with a disability - as they may often want to use the keyboard not only for typing text, but also for sending commands to the UI, as this is often far more effective than using the GUI - in particular if you have problems with pointing and clicking, and even more if it is possible to set up keys with macro strings, which is highly desirable. So these "smart" functions of when to show or hide the OSK really MUST be optional from an accessibility point of view (in my view ;-).
And btw: I take for granted that all the Ctrl, Alt, Shift etc key combinations will be available for convenient commands to the application and system - as "sticky key" combinations independently from the physical keyboard settings - as an OSK should definitely NOT be depending on, or interfere with, the physical keyboard functionality (as it has been doing in GOK and previously in OnBoard). But I only see the Shift key on your keyboard layouts, why?
This thing with the need for users to have the keyboard constantly available also for UI navigation and control purposes is of course even more necessary for users of switch input and scanning, right?

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This is to announce the release of Caribou 0.3.2

This is the first release for the GNOME 3.2 cycle. This release is
almost a complete rewrite from previous versions of Caribou. The core
library is now native GObject (written in Vala), and it is designed to
be exported over DBus.

For a more verbose list of changes, see my blog posts:

Version 0.3.2

What's New
- Rewritten almost entirely from scratch, featuring a GObject library
for a DBus activated OSK.

New And Updated Translations
- Marek Černocký (cs)
- Kris Thomsen (da)
- Christian Kirbach (de)
- Daniel Mustieles (es)
- Mahyar Moghimi (fa)
- Jiro Matsuzawa (ja)
- Kjartan Maraas (nb)
- Djavan Fagundes (pt_BR)
- Yuri Myasoedov (ru)
- Andrej Žnidaršič (sl)
- Sergiy Gavrylov (uk)
- lainme (zh_CN)

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