Re: [Fwd: Re: GNOME 3 Info for Upcoming Fedora 15 feature @ Tom's Hardware]


I got this answer from Adam, he asked a follow-on question:
"   4. When I asked about devices, I meant screens (already using the
Apple Magic Trackpad/Wacom Bamboo for simpler multi-touch testing). For
instance, Canonical uses the Apple Magic Trackpad to develop uTouch, but
a Dell XT2 to look at multi-touch from a UI design standpoint. Any
suggestions for touch-screen devices (even at the dev/designer level,
not the consumer level)? This is more for me to get on the same page as
the devs/designers leading the work, no so much for this specific review
- although I notice how 'big' onscreen elements have gotten, so I can't
ignore the touchscreen angle entirely."

What should I tell him? I don't know exactly what he's looking for.

He also asked whether there's a gesture language in the pipelines, I
said I didn't know.

Supporting sensible gestures is an area where the needs for touchscreen
support and accessibility overlap.  The iPhone "VoiceOver"
accessibility feature, for example, provides an impressive touchscreen
and text-to-speech solution that can be used by the blind.

I should think it would be useful if GNOME supported a mechanism to
associate a reasonable set of gestures with commands, much like
keybindings; then this would simply makes GNOME more accessible and
usable to new groups of people.

I have cc:ed the gnome-accessibility-list to see if anyone in the GNOME
a11y community knows of any interesting plans for GNOME 3.


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