Re: Announcing Orca v3.1.2

> what?? are gnome-speech not supported anymore?

Not in the master (unstable, 3.1.x) branch. GNOME Speech was long ago
deprecated. It is not maintained. It depends upon bonobo, which was long
ago deprecated. We've been trying to keep it around as an option in
Master for as long as we could. <shrugs>

Having said that, as was announced recently on the Orca list, the Orca
team now maintains two unstable branches and will continue to do so at
least until the GNOME 3.x "accessibility story" improves. This
non-master unstable branch is orca-xdesktop. I will be doing that
release next. This alternative unstable branch will continue to support
gnome-speech -- at least for this next release cycle. However, if you
are relying upon gnome-speech due to some issue in speech-dispatcher, I
would encourage you to file bugs against speech-dispatcher.

Hope this clarifies things.

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