Beta version of Accerciser new docs are ready for preliminary reviews

Hi everybody,

I'm happy to say that one of my internship tasks is finally ready for initial reviews. The new version of Accerciser docs can be cloned from:

Check it out under docs/accerciser.

I would like to add a FAQ section in this documentation, talking about differences between running Accerciser in gnome 3 and gnome 2 (gsettings versus gconf) and some of
these topics, but I don't know which of them are still valid. I don't know if a FAQ section is adequate either. :-/ Feedback would be awesome. :)

Accerciser's AT-SPI Validator has a Help button that redirects error lines to invalid live.gnome pages. I'll make them valid and I'll fill them with useful information throughout this weekend.

If any of you is up to reviewing my text, it would be absolutely useful!! :-) The goal is to release these new docs as soon as possible. :D

Aline Bessa
GNU/Linux Registered User #452373

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