Re: Mass File Depression Maintaining Directory Structure

From: RiverWind <riverwind shellworld net>

> After reading "man zip", I am still not able to uncompress a load
> of NLS books in the specific way required for the task I am working
> on.  I was hoping someone could tell me what I am doing wrong. I am
> wanting to unzip several NLS books without opening their
> directories; I just want to uncompress the directory so it can be
> accessed by a DB-player's software.

Have you tried Olav advice? He answered your previous mail with an

Although not sure if the issue is that you want to use the terminal or
thatyou can't use nautilus.

> For instance the following syntaxes didn't yield the desired
> results; mind you, these file names take up two lines.
> For the files who's names take up two lines I tried:
> unzip DB*.zip -d /home/riverwind/holder
> Resulting error message "caution: filename not matched:"
> I then tried renaming one of the files to file01.
> unzip -d /home/riverwind/holder
> The file decompressed right enough, but there was no directory.
> Instead the actual files were decompressed.
> I am not wanting to extract the files, just extract the directory
> such that it appears as a single item into which I can get with a
> cd command from the terminal or in gnome doing <cr. with the cursor
> on the file. I don't know if anything of this nature is even
> possible from within gnome.

Hmm, this seems a strange feature request. You want unzip to extract
the directory structure but without the files inside. Are you sure
that other compressor/decompressor allows that?

Anyway, one option would be, as you want just to decompress the
directory estructure without file, create a zip from a estructure
directory without the files.

You can also check the -x option on unzip. On the "man unzip" page,
there are a example using -x in order to not extract some files with a
specific extension in some specific subdirectories.


API (apinheiro igalia com)

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