Re: Review small tasks suitable for student competition

On 8 January 2011 00:36, Bryen M Yunashko <a11yrocks bryen com> wrote:
> We had a good conversation today in the Project Possibility board
> meeting.  Those guys are certainly highly motivated to come up with
> projects for their student teams.  And they're hoping that some ideas
> can come from GNOME Accessibility as well.
> Their next student contest is scheduled for February, which is kind of
> short notice for some of you.   Last year their weekend student contest
> focused on Caribou and Ben Konrath was the mentor for the weekend.  I
> believe we got some good results out of that, namely that it helped
> boost Caribou visibility and thus to other groups giving attention to
> Caribou.
> I indicated that with the timing and pressures the GNOME A11y team is
> facing now with the upcoming 3.0 release, we may or may not be able to
> come up with resources.   So no promises made there to Project
> Possibility, but if there is a possibility, I would love to see it
> happen.

That is quite understandable and my bad for leaving it so late.

> Over the next week, Steve and I will be assisting in working through
> their list of ideas, which include a11y projects not limited to GNOME,
> and seeing if there's any good fits for GNOME to come into the picture.
> We'll be looking at
> for ideas.
> Steve can give fuller details about when this contest will happen (I
> believe weekend of February 5th) and what's involved.  If you think you
> might be available as a mentor and have an idea for a good weekend hack
> project, please do let us know.

February 5-6th, 2011: CSUN SS12 Competition
February 19-20th, 2011: USC SS12 Competition
February 26-27th, 2011: UCLA SS12 Competition
March 19, 2011: Finals 26th CSUN conference

Apart from the chance to get student experience with real open source
communities I see this as an important opportunity to raise awareness
about GNOME a11y. This is important as the general community really
don't know about it and there's no such thing as 'build it and they
will come'. Being at CSUN is important and being there with a booth,
talks and proj pos students will all add up to good exposure..

Steve Lee

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